Unboxing: LitJoy Crate “Fire & Ice”

Oh what do you know? Another subscription unboxing! This is my first time ordering from LitJoy Crate and boy am I glad that I did! Once again, I owe this all to Brie! She seriously gives the BEST bookish recommendations. It also helps that she is a rep for this company so I was also able to use her discount! Check out her Instagram bio for the code!

This month’s theme (February) was “Fire & Ice” and everything in the box was perfectly curated to fit this theme. The box included a pamphlet that explained why each object was chosen. I felt that this was a very unique and personal touch to the box. It showed me that the creators of this box took the time and effort to really think about everything that they included. They weren’t just throwing in filler products, but rather ensured that everything had a purpose! I was very impressed! For what was included, and the price point, I was not disappointed.

❄️🔥Let’s get into what was included in the box 🔥❄️


The book that was included was The Edge of Everything by Jeff Giles. It included a letter for us readers, as well as a bookmark and signed book plate. And look at the text on the pages! So neat! On the bookmark, I immediately noticed that Peter Jackson (director of The Lord of the Rings) blurbed his approval. I’m a diehard LOTR fan … so having Jackson’s approval definitely intrigues me.


Next was the Lily and James Potter art print from artist Jenna Paddey. I love this picture so much! It gives such a rustic and fall vibe!


One of my favourite candle shops, In the Wick of Time, created an exclusive candle named “The Lowlands”. This scent was AMAZING! It was a perfect blend of warmth and spice. This 2 oz. tin is not enough for me! I need this in full size! (hint hint Kaylan…)


The Literary Apothecary Shop provided the next product – bath salts. I LOVE my baths … so I’m super excited to use these in my next soak. The nerdy cat watch is one of the reasons why I got this box. It is just so cute! How could I resist? A carabiner was also included  – which hints at some of the plot of the featured book! Skittles were also included – but I have no self control when it comes to sugary treats so they didn’t make it to the photo shoot …


Overall, I loved everything included in this box. It was put together so well! I felt a connection to each object and it motivated me to ensure that I read the book ASAP! Next month’s theme is “Galactic Pirates” and will have FOUR exclusive products, including a 24 oz. StarWars tumbler! There is still one week left to subscribe, so check out LitJoy’s website for order details!




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