Review: Alabama Summer series by J. Daniels

These books. How do I even begin this review? Well first of all, I am going to completely blame two of my bookstagram buddies for my newest addiction. Brie and Becca …. what have you done to me?! I was suffering from a book slump and these came at just the perfect time. But while I am super happy for the book reading marathon that I went through to finish all five of these books in three days … I am also a little peeved because now I’m ruined. Why do these men cease to exist in real life?!

*cue moment of silence while I live my life in solitary*

But actually – these men are everything. So without further ado, let’s travel down south to Ruxton, Alabama!  

The Books: 

This is a 4.5 book series – meaning that there are four full-fledged novels and one novellaEach full book follows the story of two new protagonists, so these novels could be considered stand-alone. However, while each book focuses on new main characters, the storylines do cross between the various instalments. This is a fun series trait which enables the reader to stay connected to favourite characters and stay updated in their lives.

Another neat addition to this series was Daniel’s book playlists! At the end of book there was a list of music that helped set the mood for each book. One of the songs,  Ride by Chase Rice, was an old favourite of mine that was played on repeat during my readings. I really loved this personal touch and it definitely helped set the stage for the books.

Now these books are NOT for the faint of heart. Daniel’s books are quite edgy and will complete any sexy time quota you may have for a romance novel. Also if you are uncomfortable with swearing than I would suggest you stay away form this series as the male protagonist’s seem to favour certain four letter words. But despite the mature rating, this series is a quick and easy read that was super entertaining!

The Boys: 

If you are searching for the stereotypical, testosterone-filled alpha male, than look no further than the ‘Bama boys. While they all are cocky and possessive, each male lead sports unique qualities that has them stand out for various reasons. Before I read the most recent novel, Reed Tennyson (When I Fall) was my favourite ‘Bama boy … This all changed on March 5, 2017, when I booked some tickets with CJ and hopped on the Tully Train. All Aboard! Benjamin Kelly, the original ‘Bama boy, is also a favourite of mine. And then there’s Luke Evans! Crap, how could I forget about this heartbreaker? Geesh, I love them all. And I know you will too.

The Babes:

Each story would have been incomplete without the addition of some strong, bad-ass, female leads. Once again, Daniels doesn’t disappoint with her character creations. I was able to identify with each girl, and I thought the relationships between the characters worked out well accordingly to each personality type. Sometimes in romance novels various pairings seem forced or pressured – but these attachments made sense and were natural. The girls were strong-willed and independent, and were only enhanced by their male counterparts. It was a little easier to choose a favourite female lead – Beth Davies from McGill’s (When I Fall). Her love for her Kindle solidified her for top spot. I love a girl who reads! But Mia Corelli (Where I Belong) was a sweetheart who was easy to love. If you’ve read this series, who was your favourite girl?

The Bottomline: 

Over all, these books were highly entertaining.  I couldn’t wait to see what happened next to these characters. They pulled me out from my reading slump and got me back on track for my GoodRead’s challenge. These books also opened me up to the world of Kindle! I read this series on my cellphone and actually enjoyed the accessibility that it offered. J. Daniels – thank you for writing this series! I truly enjoyed it! The next instalment, Say I’m Yours, needs to come out asap!  Jake Tully – I can’t wait to get to know you!


a rogue librarian

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