FairyLoot Unboxing!

It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here! *Happy Dance ensues*

My first FairyLoot box finally arrived in the mail! This was my very first box from them after months of putting it off. I have heard nothing but good things about this bookish box, but the cost was a huge hang up for me. However, after seeing some of the teasers in regards to February’s theme, and promise of a full size candle, I knew I had to jump in.  And I’m so happy I did!


But first, let’s get the ONE and only con out of the way from this box. The price. With the exchange rate, it worked to about $65 dollars (I know. Trust me I KNOW.) And then on TOP of that I was dinged with a customs and duty fee of another $20. Purely based on this, I won’t be continuing this subscription. Well, after the one year anniversary box next month anyway. Come on – that box is going to be purple. How could I say no to that? But after that. I promise. I’ll stick to my local boxes ….

Now that we got that out of the way … let’s dig into the boxes goodies! The first thing that I saw from the box was the full size candle from Happy Piranha. It was called “Kalusian Sunset” which a reference to the book that was included in this box. In fact, the author, Rhoda Belleza named the candle! It smells so good! I wish they put the scents on the jar or on the product card, but it smells very fruity – maybe grape? The wax was also purple, which as you may know, is my favourite colour.


Next we had a pouch which was hand lettered by Allisse Courtier. The quote is from Rebel of the Sands (which is an amazing book by the way!). The box also included a pink bath bomb, aptly named “Celestial Gunpowder” by Bathing Beauties. If you know one thing about me, it is that I love my baths. So this will be a welcomed addition to my night time routine.  The next item is a coast from Read At Midnight. The quote is from Illuminae (also an extremely good book! It is so unique!). I was shocked at the quality of the coaster. I know it sound silly but it is a very well made coaster. No joke.  A beautifully detailed bookmark was next. It was wrapped purple tissue paper, which was a nice touch. I have admired Till and Dill’s work for a while now, so I’m happy to finally receive a item from them!


The next item, the Throne of Glass art print by Taratjah, has a hilarious side story attached to it. This item was semi-teased throughout the campaign of the February box. It was said to feature a favourite king and witch (Dorian and Manon) but other than that we were left in suspense. So when I saw the print (Manon’s side first) I just assumed it was one sided. I thought maybe the boxes received either or – a print of Dorian, or a print of Manon. I soon realized during my Bookstagram unboxing, that the print was in fact double sided. Whoops! Despite that initial mix up, the print is gorgeous. Tarajah is one of my favourite fan artists. Seriously – the talent is incredible! I need to pick up some more prints!


My favourite item of the box has to be this next item, the Baby Groot Funko keychain. This Guardian of the Galaxy character is by far my favourite. He is SO cute. Look at the smile! I can’t.


Finally, the book! Empress of a Thousand Skies, by Rhoda Belleza, is a much-anticipated new release for 2017. I’ve heard amazing reviews and I really look forward to delving into this new world. This year I’ve really started to appreciate science fiction more, so the arrival of this book comes at a good time. I hear this book is full adventure, intrigue, and revenge – all set in space. A quick glance at GoodReads shows many 5 star reviews, so this book is definitely going to the top of my ever growing TBR pile.


So there you have it! My first FairyLoot! I absolutely LOVED everything in this box. I’m so happy I finally made the leap and subscribed! I can’t wait til March for the next one! It’s the one year anniversary, as I previously mentioned, so I know they are going to do everything they can to make this box really special! It’s sold out for now, but spots may open up on March 2nd after everyone’s subscription renews. Keep your eyes out – you do not want to miss this one!



One thought on “FairyLoot Unboxing!

  1. I would love to get this box, but the price in Canadian definitely keeps me from doing it at this time. Good to know about the customs charges! Maybe someday….


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