Bookmarks For Days

Fact: you aren’t a true bookstagram unless you have a ridiculous amount of bookmarks.

It may seem like a slightly odd obsession, considering that you can realistically only use so many at once, but I can’t stop myself from buying more! The designs are spot on, and they make lovely additions to my bookstagram pictures!

Here are a few of the shops that I’ve purchased from! Not only did these shops provide beautiful designs, but the quality and customer service was an 11/10!

1. Paperly&Co


Beauty & the Beast? Star Wars? Ugh. The cuteness and nerdiness was irresistible. I also bought a three pack Star Wars sampler for my really good friend who’s a Star Wars nut.


I also purchased all the Courts sigils from Sarah J Maas’ ACOTAR series, along with Harry Potter Daily Prophet bookmark. And look at that Night Court necklace! I couldn’t resist! The squad pin and the key chain were freebies, yet they just might be my favourite things! I’m so impressed with all my purchases from this shop. I’m actually currently placing another order as we speak … whoops!

2. Little Inklings Design 


I was directed to this shop by Lisa from @lisa_lostinlit and I instantly fell in love. The shop owner, Megan, is Canadian and I LOVE supporting my fellow Canucks. These are hand-lettered bookmarks, and I absolutely love the galaxy backgrounds! I also want to make another purchase so I can complete my collection!

3. Read the Stars


I also came across this shop from Bookstagram. This shop is based in Australia, but they arrived to Canada so fast! I’m talking less than 5 days! The quality was amazing, and I absolutely love the designs! I even received a bookmark for free! Talk about amazing customer service!


Do you have any favourite book mark shops that I haven’t mentioned? Comment down below!


a rogue librarian xo



6 thoughts on “Bookmarks For Days

  1. I love bookmarks! I don’t buy ones that have been made by stores, but I have asked authors to send me a ton of them, and I have a huge stock at home! I love the ones with a little string that sticks out of your book! And I do have some magnetic Harry Potter ones, too!


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