HootLoot Unboxing

It was a stormy day back in December when I stumbled upon a picture on Bookstagram that featured an unboxing of the December box from this new-to-me company called HootLoot. I remember messaging the shop owner (Jessica – she’s amazing by the way) to see if there was anyway to get any extras. I desperately wanted something, ANYTHING, from this box. It was just that good. Unfortunately, everything was sold out, but this turn of events brought me to the HootLoot Common Room, a Facebook group that is filled with fellow bibliophiles who are obsessed with bookish boxes. 

By the time I joined, the January box was already sold out (I’m telling you – this box was in such high demand), but I was able to purchase the February box. A few days later though, Jessica messaged me and said there was a box available if I wanted it. (I told you, she’s amazing. She’s like the fairy godmother of book boxes) SO OF COURSE I SAID YES. And snatched the Harry Potter themed box up.

Well this box of magical goodness arrived a few weeks ago, so I thought I would share what all came in it!!


First of all, we were able able to choose our “house”. I have always been a Gryffindor, no matter what test is thrown at me. There have been many an argument with various friends that I should be a Ravenclaw based on my affinty for reading and further education – but I have two words for those haters. Hermione. Granger. Enough said.


Okay moving on – THE BOOKISH GOODIES. This box was completely packed to the brim – literally. The box was like Mary Poppin’s hand bag – more things just kept coming out and out.

First, the book. The box came with Ever the Hunted by Erin Summerill. The cover is gorgeous and I’ve heard really good things about the book itself. Rebels, revenge, romance … this plot seems to cover all the proper YA fantasy bases. This is definitely at the top of my TBR list.


Next: the never-ending amount of goodies. Like I said, this box was STUFFED.
* Exclusive Colouring Page – by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishers
* Two bookmarks (Daily Prophet & Expecto Patronum) – Paperly&Co.
* Dark Mark Temporary Tattoo – River Rat Designs Store (not pictured because my mom would kill me ..)
* Quidditch Print – KayPopArt
* Forbidden Forest Mini Candle – Paperly&Co.
* House Bath Salts – TeaSoapBooks (Gryffindor smells SO good!)
* Quibbler Button – Paperly&Co.
* Exclusive Horcrux Mineral Eyeshadow – Incanto Cosmetics (very pigmented! love it!)
* Harry Potter House Robes Ankle Socks
* Exclusive Hogwarts Professor Magnetic Bookmark Pair – Paperly&Co.
* Harry Potter Acceptance Letter


Let’s take a closer look at that Quidditch print by KayPopArt, its absolutely stunning!


I can without a doubt proclaim that this is the best box out there. HootLoot runs out of Etsy, and has three different purchasing options to appeal to everyone’s budget. There is also has a website where you can sign up to be a VIP and get the latest news. However, after the February box, the box will be taking a break for a few months. Personally, I know I will MISS this box but I 110% understand why the break needs to occur. I highly suggest joining the HootLoot Common Room anyway, because it’s just such a lovely and supportive group of readers!


February’s box cannot get here fast enough. Its theme was Rebels & Rockets. I have a feeling I know what book it is … and I am so excited!!! I will meet you all back here for that unboxing 😉

What book boxes do you subscribe too? Comment below!

a rogue librarian xoxo

5 thoughts on “HootLoot Unboxing

  1. This was my first hootloot box too and I loved it! Totally bummed it’s going on hiatus, but completely understandable. Do you get any other boxes? I just cancelled my Owlcrate sub, I felt it just wasn’t filled with quality items like this one. I also have uppercase which I love, but with hootloot on hiatus I think I want to try out another box, so I’m just curious 😊


    1. I’m subscribed to too many!!! haha!
      OwlCrate (since August)
      HootLoot (January and February)
      FairyLoot (fFirst box is coming for February, also keeping it for March!!)
      LootCrate Wizarding World Box (Harry Potter themed .. it’s only once a month)
      The Melting Library (it’s a new thing, montly subscription sampler with candles, my first box is on its way!)
      LitJoy (first time getting it)

      I think that’s it… I’m also obsessed with planner stickers so I get a monthly subscription kit for that from a shop called Glam Planner!!


  2. This looks amazing! I’m curious, were you dinged for any additional customs charges? I’m going to keep my eyes open for this one to return. I subscribe to Owlcrate and Litjoycrate, though I’ve only gone for litjoy on months when I’ve skipped owlcrate (this month will be my second). I’ve also tried Noveltea club, and while I love the concept, I wasn’t all that impressed with the contents or the books when compared to other book boxes.


    1. I’m from Canada (where are you from?) but I ship all my boxes to states ! I live really close to the border. And it helps save one shipping and fees . Except fairy loot (which I shipped to my house – and was dinged 😦 )

      So I’ve never had to pay for hootloot or litjoy!


      1. I’m from Canada, too. It’s never been an issue with owlcrate and wasn’t with litjoy. I learned the hard way when I ordered my first and last best damn book box, so from that point I decided I’d message companies prior to ordering to see if they keep that in mind when labeling the value of the box contents, which owlcrate and litjoy do. Nice that you can have your stuff shipped to the states! 🙂


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