Best of 2016


We are already over two weeks into 2017, but it’s never to late to do a round of my favourite reads from 2016. I honestly read so many great books this year and I don’t want to leave any out … but to keep things manageable, here is my top 10 reads of 2016 (many spots are series – I just couldn’t bear to separate them!)

1. A Court of Thorns and Roses // A Court of Mist and Fury– Sarah J. Maas
Fantasy. Action. Romance. Magic. Fairy tale retellings. What more could a girl ask for? Oh. Rhysand. Duh. 

2. Throne of Glass #1-4 – Sarah J. Maas
Fantasy. Action. Romance. Magic. Are you seeing a trend? Plus the main female character is kick-ass. Some of the books dragged in various areas, but I think this sort of had to happen to help create this amazing world and story line. 

3. Six of Crows – Leigh Bardugo
I loved this book. As a reader, I always have to read an author’s work chronologically, so I read The Grisha Trilogy first and quite enjoyed the world/magic system. However, I found that Six of Crows was more entertaining, gritty and real. All the scheming and plotting kept me turning the pages in a race to see how it was going to end. It was like Ocean’s 11 being set in a magical realm. 

4. Fallen Kingdoms #1-4 – Morgan Rhodes
I’ve always described this as the Game of Thrones for young adults. There are multiple points of view, great world building and character development, and I love the action and various twists and turns that occur.

5. The Bourbon Kings // The Angels’ Share – J.R. Ward

Wait – this book isn’t fantasy? What is it doing here? This series was surprisingly one of my top reads this year. I loved the characters, the mystery, the excessive amount of alcohol… Ward did a great job of letting us readers enter this world of privilege and high society.

6. Fire and Thorns Trilogy – Rae Carson
Probably one of the most underrated young adult fantasy series. I fell in love with the female protagonist. She isn’t this cookie-cutter main character who has good looks or perfect fighting skills. In fact, she owns up to her flaws on every page. But the growth she has through this series makes these books worth reading. 

7. Ten Tiny Breaths #1-3 – K.A. Tucker
I found these three books in perfect condition in a used bookstore. I had never heard of the author before, but I couldn’t pass up these gorgeous covers. However, I quickly became engrossed in Tucker’s writing style. She is amazing! I read these books over the span of two days and was left wanting more. A great introduction into the world of contemporary new adult writing. 

8. The Winner’s Curse Trilogy – Marie Rutkoski 
This series. I can’t quite wrap my head around the genius writing style of Rutkoski. I was left so conflicted after every chapter. I loved the characters and the story line, but what got me was the fact that Rutkoski didn’t spell everything out for you. As a reader, you had to do some work. I wasn’t used to this, hence the mixed feelings. But after I read Winner’s Kiss, I knew this is one series I couldn’t forget.

9. The Young Elites // The Rose Society – Marie Lu
Once again. Fantasy. Action. Romance. But this isn’t a happy-go-lucky tale. It’s sad, depressing, and you don’t know who to root for. I think the reason why I loved this book so much is because it was unique and I had no idea what to expect. Some stories I can tell where the ending is going to go, and how things are going to get wrapped up. But with these books I had no idea what was going to happen. I really need to read The Midnight Star and see how this heart-wrenching trilogy concludes.

10. The Guardians Trilogy – Nora Roberts 
Nora Roberts is legendary in writing romance/fantasy/mystery series that focus on character building. This series in particular was a nice and easy read that was enjoyable and satisfying. Sure, the romantic pairings could have be spotted a mile awhile, but the over arching story line was intriguing enough to stay interested. Also, I loved the setting! The first book was set in Corfu, and I’ve actually been there before! I felt a stronger connection to the story because I could actually visualize some of the places they were visiting. 

So there you have it! My top ten list of books I read in 2016. What were some of your favourites? Let me know down below!

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