So how does this blog thing work?

First blog post. These three word are incredibly intimidating. I’ve struggled with writing this entry for almost a month. Yes – you read that correctly .. A MONTH. Fun fact about me – I’m a huge procrastinator.

But I’ve finally decided to bite the bullet (what does saying this even mean?) and get down to business. Today is January 18th, 2017, and I might as well start now.


Okay so this blog. Why read it? Why come here and scroll through posts upon posts of books that you may place on your TBR or may completely forget about? The latter option seems the most realistic, but I hope the former occurs (at least a few times).


Here is my hope:

I hope that this place becomes a breeding ground for inspiration. From books, to subscription boxes, to bookish merchandise, I hope I can share something new with you, and you share something with me! The teacher in me is all about reciprocal learning.

I hope that this blog fosters an enjoyment for books. Whether you’ve been a life-long reader, or haven’t picked up a book in years, I hope you (re)discover the enjoyment and escapism that occurs within the pages.

I hope that my entries speak to someone – even if it’s just one listener, I will feel accomplished. I’ve been a reader of blogs and follower of bookstagram accounts for years. Those authors don’t realize the major influence they’ve had on my life. Is it selfish to suggest that I would like to think my work can inspire others too?

So what does this mean?

On this page you will encounter a myriad of posts. From top ten lists, specific book reviews, subscription box openings and random life updates, this blog will hopefully contain something that tickles your fancy. Oh, and I love memes. Be prepared for A LOT of memes.

In the end, I’m just excited to step out into this bookish community and join the masses of like-minded people. So grab a cup of coffee (or tea – I don’t discriminate) , cozy up in your fleece throw blanket, and lets get BLOGGING!


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